• Diseño Web: infoacoso.es
  • Diseño Web:Design and architecture of the web, selection of fonts and corporate colors.
  • Hosting and Domain: Domain transfers and hosting and email creation.
  • SEO: Copy 2.0, SEO and inclusion in search engines.
  • Design: Composition, Illustrations, RollUp.

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Digital Strategy

Infoacoso.es is a web project that arises from a seed called “X1RedMasSegura”, a group of people with the same concerns, who come together in order to transmit “Without the intention of profit “a single idea” to inform, educate and raise awareness about Internet security “to those who need it most, Internet users, for this, organize awareness days for Families and participate and / or collaborate in Congresses on Cybersecurity and where they are required.

The new website will allow to enhance your work and facilitate the location of resources for anyone who needs them.