We have chosen some of the most common topics, questions and concerns our clients have when reaching to us for the first time

How to start regarding an effective Corporate Communication?

At the moment, the reference for all clients, included ourselves, is the website and customer reviews, so that would be the starting point.

But beware, as a bad impression can be devastating and hard to forget, so it’s not the only thing you need, but rather just be beginning.

To make a corporate website (even if it’s simple and small), we have to analyze your previous activity, business model, differentiation strategies, target audience and many other important parameters regarding communication.

Will there be a return for such investment?
I run a small business. Can I afford a Communication Agency?
What is Business Communication
Which are the advantages of outsourcing communication?
Will I have a budget to make a professional communication with my business?
I’m still not sure or I have questions…